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  • Why is detailing a necessity?
    Your car accumulates numerous particles that can harm the finish. Pollutants, mud, salt, dirt, sand, bugs, tar, rain, sun, etc. are extremely harmful to the paint. Detailing leaves microscopic layers of fine wax particles that provide a deep shine and forming a clear chemical bond that protects the paint and its original clear coat. Detailing guarantees longevity to the paint and retains the value of the vehicle. Professional detailing is not just a luxury, it is an investment that has become a necessity!
  • What is the difference between detailing and washing?
    Washing removes loose contaminants, dirt and grime. Detailing removes blemishes, oxidation and etching marks that are caused when contaminants penetrate the surface. Rub your hand across an upper surface. If it is rough, you need to detail your car. It prevents the paint and its clear coat from deteriorating. Retain the value of your car; have it detailed by one of our technicians this week.
  • My vehicle is new. Does it need to be detailed?
    We frequently receive phone calls from customers who have recently purchased a new vehicle. When asked what detail service they would like, they often reply “well, it’s a brand new car so it doesn’t need much”. Unfortunately that statement often proves to be a bit off base. Just because your vehicle is new doesn’t necessarily mean the paint finish is flawless. Often times when a vehicle leaves the factory there are many paint imperfections that are missed by quality control personnel. Some of these imperfections are dirt specks, run lines, wet sanding marks, pig tails from a D/A sander, and hologramming from improper polishing techniques. If the vehicle is shipped from out-of-state or travels by train, it can be subject to many contaminants along the way with no protection. Then when it arrives at the car dealership, many times the vehicle is washed improperly by inexperienced lot attendants causing scratches and swirl marks. Ideally before you take delivery, ask them not to wash your vehicle. Here is how our New Car Detailing service works. Just schedule an appointment for an exterior wash. First we will gently wash your vehicle, then we will put it under our lights and start our quality control inspection. If we find any paint imperfections we will give you an onsite estimate for our paint correction service. If not, then we will finish the detail and you will be all set. We also offer new car protection services at a fraction of what the dealers charge and the protection products we offer are much higher quality compared to the products used by the dealer. Often times, dealerships will offer a “lifetime paint sealant” and say if you purchase this you will never have to wax your car again. This idea of a paint sealant or coating that will protect your vehicles paintwork forever is a great one and we wish it were true, but unfortunately there is no such product on the market. However, there are some paint sealants and coatings available that will last well over one year with regular maintenance. We import our paint sealants and coatings from the U.K. and most are German made. These are the finest paint protection products made. We also offer sealant for your wheels, leather and fabric guard and rain repellant windshield coatings.
  • I am selling my vehicle. Can you make it look new again?
    We hear this quite often. While having your vehicle detailed just once in its life time right before you sell it will help its first impression on a potential buyer, most likely by this time your vehicle has deteriorated, interior soiled, exterior oxidized, and the clear coat damaged. We can, however, remove most of the stains inside and polish out most of the oxidation on the exterior; but, unfortunately your vehicle will never look as nice as if it had received detailing and maintenance in the past. This means you’ll probably get much less than you’re asking for. If the clear coat is damaged or peeling off then the vehicle would have to be repainted. A high quality paint job can cost several thousand dollars as opposed to a few hundred a year to properly maintain your vehicle’s factory finish. Not only does having your vehicle detailed hold its value throughout its lifetime, but it also provides a more enjoyable driving experience. A clean vehicle can portray self confidence and a high level of professionalism. It is one of the most important maintenance services for your vehicle.
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